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Discover a place where you can 
Accomplish more by doing less.

   To reinvent the way your business function, come to Discover City where inspiration abounds. Here fluorescent tube lights give way to sunlight, Congested cubicles to airy offices, and hectic office Schedules are replaced by a more relaxed pace of work. As Hyderabad's first true satellite city, Discover City offers a more holistic corporate environment where employees can reside close to their offices amidst all the comforts of a modern city. All this is possible because of Discovery City's unique layout that includes easily accessible service Apartments, Corporate Housing, Offices, Schools, Entertainment zones, Malls and Hospitals. Discovery City promises to totally change the way you and employees work and live. So, if you would like to restart your business in our Revolutionary new city step in Our city of Happiness is now Open to the World.