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   If you're looking to change the education system, come to Discovery City where lessons abound. You'll find all the supportive facilities you need to set up everything from schools to universities and training institutes. As Hyderabad's first true satellite city, Discover City offers a more Holistic Academic Environment where Students and Teachers can live closer to their Institutions amidst all the comforts of the modern city. All this is possible because of Discovery City's unique layout that also includes easily accessible world-class Housing, Entertainment zones, Corporate Offices, Malls and Hospitals. This Art of living school is already building its school within Discovery City. A 55 Acre Integrated College Campus is also being evolved to cater to Approximately 6000 Students and 1500 Staff. Discover City promises to totally change the way education Institutions and Students learn. So, if you would like to be a part of this revolutionary new city, step in Our city of happiness is now open to this World.